On the foodservice side, whether it's sourcing non GMO product certified, PLA, recycled plastic, fiber or paper, Millennium Distribution is leading the way to provide products that aim towards a circular "green" economy.


Millennium Distribution is well positioned with our product offering to provide whatever items meet our customers' requirements. Sustainability is expected to top cost and safety in the next 10 years as the leading concern in packaging. It's an initiative driven by the customer, driven by consumers and companies placing greater importance on reducing their environmental footprint. This demand is rapidly growing for sustainable packaging, and Millennium Distribution has the vendor partners to make that happen.


Green cleaning initiatives by companies and also led by government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have mandated or encouraged adoption of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-caustic and humanly safe cleaning products. Millennium Distribution offers effective, new and innovative products at a cost effective prices. These products include: towel & tissue, biodegradable or compostable can liners, chemicals and cleaners.

Millennium Distribution doesn't just offer green products we also believe in the green mission.

- The transportation sector is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Switching our truck fleet to run on natural gas, which is the greenest, most stable and abundant fuel source available today. Natural gas produces significantly lower harmful emissions than oil based emissions.

- Energy efficient warehouse lighting. This provides one of the most effective ways to significantly lower the carbon footprint of a warehouse

- LEED certified Dallas and Houston warehouses


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